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Anger Control ..!!

Get rid of Anger..How.. ???

I’m hyper persona, sometimes control freak and short temper. These might look flaws for others, but over a time I have learned to control and how to use it positively.

Now-a-days it’s very easy to loose temper.Life’s getting busy and leads to frustration if things don’t go well as per our expectations. Here’s my small take on Anger and how I push myself to get rid of it.

Yes, once you feel, you getting into anger zone, walk out or stop talking. Uttering unpleasant words might put you into unwanted scenario along with never ending arguments.

Calm Down
 Take a deep breath or short walk; listen to music or a quick nap. This will calm your nerves down, which in turn retain your thinking capacity.

They say;hunger state may also lead you to anger.There’s never harm in having a good meal or a snack. Eating naturally uplifts your mood.

Exactly, before concluding, try and find out WHY it happened. Don’t be judgemental, think from others point of view.

Think –Rethink
Think what made you lose your temper and try to find solution.
Don’t try to find solution based right and wrong all time,things can be sensitive and can’t be measured in same unit every single time.

Having a good conversation solves out many problems. Talk to friend whom you trust and who would never lead you in negative way.

Talk to that person try hearing them out and ask them their point of view. Use pleasant tone while talking. Explain yourself and try sorting it out.

Shift Delete
Keep arguments and odd things in past, move on and lead ahead onto good note.

These are few things I use and apply onto myself. I have learnt these techniques from my close ones.So taking out time to rethink is best way to understand yourself and others.

Hope this would help you too.

Stay Calm-Stay Blessed




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  1. Good one! And I know you have always implemented these ��

  2. I think more than controlling one's mind, we could try other more effective methods like meditation. Do try :)


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