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Calorie free munching !!

Hello there..
I'm specially writing this blog, as I got fascinated with this food recipe & now it's one of my favorites..Couldn't stop myself from sharing with you guys..Well this recipe was introduced by my friend, so thought of writing it down !! As you know me, this one is effortless too..!!

HAPPY NOTE : No Cooking required..!! part guysss..!!!

Here's quick list of ingredients you need to get..!! Chana Dal leaves Green chilles ( Depends on how spicy you want ) :P OnionSalt ( As per taste ) Lemon                                                                                                                                                                    How..??????

Soak chana dal  for about 3 - 4  hours & grind coarsely with all ingredients..!!!

 Squeeze lemon from top..and voila you're done..!! Yes it's ready to eat ..No Gas..No Heat..!!  Time saver..

Isn't it new, quick and fun to do..??

Let the music begin! Know what to wear at a music fest!

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Music is where the magic is; music festivals are the new hangout zones for those interested in swaying their bodies to some really groovy tunes. ‘Chilling out’ has taken on a new dimension with music festivals cropping up in different parts of the globe; giving youngsters a platform to enjoy music in style! Even if the festival happens to be in the very midst of a desert, there are music enthusiasts who’d stake everything to get there! Coachella has already raised the bar high on music, frolic and fashion. We saw celebrities bringing with them a wave of fresh, flamboyant styles and the crowd in general seemed to emanate a lot of love for music! So, let’s dive right into this and learn about the looks that you can rock at a music fest.
Shoulders that say it all!
  Image courtesy- A musical jamboree is just where you’d love to unleash your true, wild spirit. Throw in your casuals and some quirk appeal, and let music take over for go…