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Let the music begin! Know what to wear at a music fest!

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Music is where the magic is; music festivals are the new hangout zones for those interested in swaying their bodies to some really groovy tunes. ‘Chilling out’ has taken on a new dimension with music festivals cropping up in different parts of the globe; giving youngsters a platform to enjoy music in style! Even if the festival happens to be in the very midst of a desert, there are music enthusiasts who’d stake everything to get there! Coachella has already raised the bar high on music, frolic and fashion. We saw celebrities bringing with them a wave of fresh, flamboyant styles and the crowd in general seemed to emanate a lot of love for music! So, let’s dive right into this and learn about the looks that you can rock at a music fest.

 Shoulders that say it all!

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A musical jamboree is just where you’d love to unleash your true, wild spirit. Throw in your casuals and some quirk appeal, and let music take over for good. Off-shoulder dresses were commonplace at Coachella and we saw feisty women sporting chokers and tribal jewelry to match the loveliness of these dresses. The dress looked perfect at the mid-thigh level, as the general verdict was to keep it short! Short and slinky dresses were favored by the sprightly girls-gang.

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 Be your boss in bustiers

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Rely a little on innerwear because the curious little bustier has claimed a spot of fame in fashion circles. Quirky bustier and unconventional bras followed by uber-cool dungarees have created waves like never before. These bold ensembles worn by the free-spirited Coachella brigade is just what you should experiment with, the next time you plan to attend a music fest. 
  Lace for some grace

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Lacy crop tops and dresses are the super-summer fix that are tailor-made for divas who girls with frilly fancies. Try enticing crochet tops with distressed shorts; bag some great boho-chic footwear and make way for some fun. Laces blend in superbly with summer casuals and can look truly cool with funky lowers. 

The ‘open’ mystery

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We love to uncover mysteries that hidden, but what of mysteries that aren’t as mystifying! Front open shirts or shirts cut right down to the navel that tantalizingly expose your lacy bras aren’t outrĂ© anymore! In fact these tops can keep the mysteries alive in you. We urge you to try these scintillating shirts just for the subdued glamour they promise! You won’t regret it. Oh, wait! Tuck the shirt carefully into a wonderful midi skirt and you’ve got the finest look for the fest! 

Woodstock magic! 

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Musical festivals recreate a lot of the Woodstock magic in terms of culture and fashion. The boho-chic, hippie inspired themes are resonant through the fun-loving statement styles that stole hearts at Coachella. Prints both tribal and geometric created quite a flutter among the youngsters and there were instances where handmade, rustic jewelry shone through as lovely accompaniments.
The general notion behind dressing up for a fest should be extremely simplistic. Tousle up your hair a bit, wear clothes that embolden the festive spirit in you, and soak in some extremely trippy music!



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