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Not So Valentine

I always knew that I was independent. I never needed any kind of emotional or moral support. I had my friends and family. There was no need for 'The One'. I was contended by the way my life was going. I always believed I would be able to manage without a relationship. I didn't want to get into the complications of one. I gravely doubted if my parents would ever approve of me being in a relationship. So, staying single was the best option I had. I decided to stick to the Just Friends tag and not go any further. It was all going smooth.
But eventually, all my friends entered into relationships or were getting married. Their experiences made me feel out of places.

Being Single isn't an easy task in today's world. Peer Pressure being the main culprit. Your friends may not force you into a relationship, but unknowingly, they make you crave for one. When you see the people around you talking about their relationships, the ups and downs involved, those sweet little argument…
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Best from Waste : D.I.Y

Here's my new D.I.Y..!!
Reusing old tins, ribbons and twine..Thought of using all things laying un-noticed in the house, why not make better usable things from waste..???

Here's small demo video I made,dont worry it's just minute long, and I'm SURE you guys won't mind spending a minute to this easy & simple D.I.Y.

Don't MIND the quality of Video Camera..!! I have used my phone to capture..!!

Lastly do let me know how it turned out..!!



Hello there,

Today's blog is something different, I'm voicing this issue as it just happened with me. Thereby using my freedom to write and make people aware.

So I purchased this XIAOMI REDMI 3S PRIME in November,2016 from their Website ,with  MI - Protection Plan.

Few months later,in JANUARY my phone screen started to hang & freeze,offcourse I googled and found out that many of REDMI 3S PRIME users were having same problems. The solution this was to push power button for few seconds, and phone could be restarted. I did follow this solution whenever this happened, quite a few times i would say. In month of June, my phone was working fine, phone alarm woke me up and as usual kept on snooze. Waking up after an hour my phone died.. I mean it,like literally nothing,jet black screen. I remember it was charged upto 70-75% ,so  having dead battery was not the reason, I tried same solution of pushing power button, but nothing seems working.

Now comes up rea…


To those who all love getting into D.I.Y  & brain storming with ideas, here's my little input to creativity.
I was drooling over those Instagramers  buzzing about those fur - fluffy kinda flip flops. Initially, even I thought of getting those fur cloth and stick around flip flops, but the something came to my mind and I decided to get my hand onto these.Without further ado, let's get started...!!!

What you need...We need simple things NO BUZZ here..!!

Sliders....Offcourse  ( I reused the used one..LOL 😄 ) Yarn ( I used PASTEL PINK..sounds like insta fame 😉 .."wink wink" ) Cardboard ( Little Strip )Glue Gun ( SAVIOR 💛💛 )Scissors ✄ ✄Some Decoratives ( Totally OPTIONAL )How to turn these plain looking flip flops into Brand new goofy looking style..??????

Step 1: Choose the Yarn you like..!!
Step 2  :  As per the length of Sliders or into sections keep rolling..
Step 3 :  Once done, glue the lower part of Yarn rolled over stick . Don't worry, yarn wont stick to c…

TOCH :Watch,Touch & Discover..

Shopping from local vendors to shops… from shops to malls… and now from malls to online shopping. Plunging everywhere to get hands on the latest fashion. We, as dedicated patrons, always want to discover more & more shopping trends, don't we? Well, do you guys too gaze at Fashion models or Celebrities wearing those fancy pieces & figment and wonder.. wish I had that in my closet? Now, it’s time to rut that old boring online shopping and join hands with the latest and greatest shopping experience.

Here’s TOCH: Watch, Touch & Discover. This app has taken online shopping to top notch. I was awestruck with this ingenious concept of watching the videos, touching the product/clothes that the model or actress is wearing in that video and looking at available buying options right there along with other similar looking outfits. WOW! That's so cool. 
Here’s the link:

Firstly, this app is called TOCH - Pristine shoppable video spree. It can be downloaded on …

Winter Break through with Nature’s & Co.

In midst of the 500-1000 and Trump - Hilary talks, here’s the new refreshing indulgence for your body, mind and soul from Nature's Co.  The wait is finally over as we enter into the coolness of winters, successfully getting through the hot and dry summers, as well as the sticky and humid monsoons. As we heading towards winter, thing which run in our head : Winter care. Since ages we are following our grandmother tips to keep it natural, but that’s tedious & time consuming..right !! Then we choose get into chemical products to keep it easy, simple and effortless..!! But as all of us know they do damage our skin as they use harsh chemicals.
So here’s my take for VEGAN Friendly, NON- CRUELTY to animals  & Environment friendly : PETA CERTIFIED products by NATURE & CO. Their packaging is done in recyclable and bio-degradable material. They have exotic range to explore from starting elements of nature Sun, Air, Earth, Forest and Water; they have named their very range from sam…

Calorie free munching !!

Hello there..
I'm specially writing this blog, as I got fascinated with this food recipe & now it's one of my favorites..Couldn't stop myself from sharing with you guys..Well this recipe was introduced by my friend, so thought of writing it down !! As you know me, this one is effortless too..!!

HAPPY NOTE : No Cooking required..!! part guysss..!!!

Here's quick list of ingredients you need to get..!! Chana Dal leaves Green chilles ( Depends on how spicy you want ) :P OnionSalt ( As per taste ) Lemon                                                                                                                                                                    How..??????

Soak chana dal  for about 3 - 4  hours & grind coarsely with all ingredients..!!!

 Squeeze lemon from top..and voila you're done..!! Yes it's ready to eat ..No Gas..No Heat..!!  Time saver..

Isn't it new, quick and fun to do..??