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 Hello there,

Today's blog is something different, I'm voicing this issue as it just happened with me. Thereby using my freedom to write and make people aware.

So I purchased this XIAOMI REDMI 3S PRIME in November,2016 from their Website ,with  MI - Protection Plan.

Few months later,in JANUARY my phone screen started to hang & freeze,offcourse I googled and found out that many of REDMI 3S PRIME users were having same problems. The solution this was to push power button for few seconds, and phone could be restarted. I did follow this solution whenever this happened, quite a few times i would say. In month of June, my phone was working fine, phone alarm woke me up and as usual kept on snooze. Waking up after an hour my phone died.. I mean it,like literally nothing,jet black screen. I remember it was charged upto 70-75% ,so  having dead battery was not the reason, I tried same solution of pushing power button, but nothing seems working.

Now comes up real story, I went to MI- CUSTOMER CARE next morning. I was asked the reason, which I had no clue about, as this was sudden. The female I was talking to was polite and asked me to keep the phone,so that they could check and asked me to come back after an hour .The other POKY FEMALE, who was like those typical nerve checking doctor said " Itna dead hai, pakka pani me gira hoga " ( So badly dead, that I'm sure it's dunked in water ) ... So me being intolerant replied to instant " Nahi, na pani me gira hai, na hi me barish me bahar gayi thi.." ( Neither I dunked my phone in water, nor I went out in rains )..I also added, since I was very sure about it " Liquid should not be a problem.."

One hour phone was still getting detected, God knows what kind of hidden treasure they were looking for..Customer Care...WE DON'T CARE.

So finally after 3 hours of wait, my phone was detected with " Liquid damage ".... HELL NO, I totally busted with anger when I heard this. So the receptionist came out with phone and told me,
" Mam there is this liquid damage..and the liquid detector show some spot..". I asked her to open the phone so I could see the liquid detector. It should have gone RED, if it has water, as per my knowledge.REDMI 3S PRIME has WHITE ROUND DETECTOR, and it had a tiny spot which was PINK, it wasn't  fully covered,that dot was like 1/3rd portion or less. I was so mad at them, that I asked them elaborate more  about liquid damage, she replied me " Mam, 4000 ka kharcha hoga, do teen din me phone thik ho jayega " ( 4000 RUPEES & your phone will be fixed in 2-3 days ).They were adamant and nothing could be done more. Take it or leave.

As any other human being, I knew I bought SO CALLED " MI- PROTECTION PLAN ".
I went home straight calling  ONE ASSIST - the phone insurance company. They instantly sent me email, provided with all links and all sort of help required to make an account, things I need to upload like Documents, phone details, etc... It took them one whole week to verify my documents and post verification two weeks later my phone will be picked up.. Hushhh there's more...It took them two weeks more, to understand and detect the problem my dead phone has. I received a call and an email saying, my costing of phone repair would be 8081. I was again in SHOCK, seriously,that phone costed my 9500 & they expect me to pay 8000 for repair.

I knew it this a FISHY, MI- CUSTOMER CARE told me 4000 and these Insurance asked 8000 ..double the amount..this is just money making business.

After a word with call center customer care of One Assist, she told me, I don't have to pay this amount and this would be done with no charge.. I felt good....But Murphy's Law...This happiness was temporary...Waiting for almost two months, I received a call saying, My claim was rejected, as it doesn't come under our liquid damage.

When I asked what was the reason he blabbered some Terms & Conditions which I had no clue. I told them MI- CUSTOMER CARE said it was liquid damage and now you're saying it's NOT.
I was so disappointed with 2 months of wait,so decided to give up,getting my phone back.
We all know how dark are these insurance companies schemes are,when you need them to serve you, they would just kick your ass.

I'm just wondering are these companies really trust worthy...Xioami is a well known and economical brand, but when they know that their phones got such problems, why cant they fix it and gives back us  our own refurbished phones..???At least that would save our money and Trust on them.

Why Insurance Company repair center and MI- Customer care repair center have conflicts with simple phone problem detection...and why this double the money for repair...???? Mystery or Hidden fact??

I'm very much disheartened with all these things happened in these two months and with XIOAMI too...

Good  News : Today I went to local phone repair shop and you know what, my phone was repaired in an HOUR...yess...AN HOUR. ..Guess what... in just 450 rupees..hear me out guys...450.. he told me there was little moisture caught in,that had short circuit in phone .rest all good and no PHONE I can have sigh of relief, as this phone is fixed..!!!


  1. Gosh innate when I hear about poor customer care. It's so annoying, even more so when it's your phone. I would be lost without my phone! Glad you got it sorted!

  2. I am thinking to pick MI as my next phone but now after reading this post i am a bit scared .

    1. I think all customer care in India are same, they care LESS about customer, once we purchase their products.. Customer Satisfaction is very KINDLY IGNORED and our time is taken for granted..

  3. That is amazing - I mean why you always need to fight with them. Maybe htey have so many cases of people trying to cheat them, but still. They are there for us and they should help and really do something! Happy you got your phone working again :)

    1. I remember I tried to claim my phone insurance in Florida,US back in 2008. I got my phone back in two days plus I received replacement phone for two days..I wish that would work here in INDIA..

  4. These things are actually a pain. One dad's honor Huawei of 15k had similar problem. When he took to CC, keyboard was working fine and in 15minutes CC told that Keyboard had damaged and it will need 5k money for repair. We actually got it complained.

    1. Ultimately we all are caught in same loop, CC In India is total scam, with no marketing this is the only business which works.
      I remember this poor guy who had problem with his phone they told him 7000 rupees to fix his phone, and he was like,phone costed me only 5K.. But I think people are scared to go out for local repair shops as they think their phone warrantee will be harmed ( CC will apparently make good hole in their pocket )

  5. That sounds like a horrible experience. I'm so frustrated when businesses, services, etc seem to have you and you don't know what to do. So glad you finally got your phone fixed by a company that cared and knew what they were doing.

  6. that is a story and a half about the dramas you had to go through to get things all fixed. At least it did end well and it is all back to normal now.

  7. It is a doom for a company that doesn't offer good customer service. I remember my Sony Xperia had problem after a software update and when I went to service center they rudely said that it is because of poor internet connection...Lol!
    I am glad that your phone got repaired!

  8. That is so frustrating! With insurance companies it's almost always a gamble like this. :/ Glad that finally you got your issue resolved! <3

  9. I am glad that you were able to get your phone fixed ultimately. That has to be supremely frustrating. I do believe that sometimes they do things like that just to rip you off though. It's all about their bottom line and getting money from you and then never paying it back. And then they hire jerks just to try to convince you that something is true that is not.

  10. I am so sorry about your experience! I work in event management and no matter the field you should always deliver good customer service.

  11. Oh boy! Sorry to hear about your entire experience! But glad that your phone got fixed at local mobile store. I feel awful when companies treat their customers like this!

  12. Oh my goodness! Those people are crooks! I mean, do they think everyone would fall for their plans to swindle you of your hard earned money? Good thing you took another route. I would have been furious too if that happened to me.

  13. Though Xiaomi is coming up with cool budget friendly phones but they still need to work on their after service. My brother bought a Mi phone and encountered an similar issue. Thanks for raising the issue.

  14. Wow, I'm glad you were able to get things taken care of! That's such a helpless feeling to be without your phone.

  15. Okay-- this makes my phone issues seem small in comparison. I have had issues with my phone and being able to get them fixed is like one of the top priorities. So I completely feel you here!

  16. Xiaomi is a growing company, but this article seems to show their flaws and rightfully so if this happened to you. Hopefully other users will notice also.

  17. That is so frustrating! I hate when something happens to my phone and takes long to fix it. Glad you were able to fix it!

  18. Must be very frustrating to deal with Customer Care that fail to deliver the help their customer need. Glad that at the end your phone got fixed.

  19. Wow that is awful that they lied to your face especially when you know all about types of phone damage . So sad that they were so rude to you as well!

  20. Customer care in India is actually a sham. In the end, only local shops and repair works come to the rescue. Glad that finally your phone got sorted.

  21. What a horrible experience. I would blow my top if I were in your place. This is one reason why I don't buy phones from less popular manufacturers. If I don't trust the brand, I don't trust their support staff as well.

  22. After reading entire your post I can understand your experience very well
    :( You'r that bad experience would be a new lesson for others and they get aware from all this less popular manufacturers

  23. Sounds like you've had a really bad customer service experience. Well done to you for putting all this out there in the public domain! x


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