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Best Travel looks

5 Best Travel Looks for The Season

Whoever said they don’t want to travel in style must have been lying to you. Because, alright, let’s face it, travelling is for rejuvenation and to escape from the monotony of city life, to soul search and to find yourself, when marooned around the vast terrains of the hills or the abysmal depths of the blue blue sea, or cities with a history and heritage as old as thousand years. And you want to be at your comfortable best while you are out there conquering new heights and highs (and lows). But then, there is also the possibility of meeting new people and having interestingly memorable conversations, or your girlfriends including you in a million of their selfies and instagramming away to glory.  Or there is the simple possibility of an interesting outfit making your expeditions more interesting, rendering the whole experience enriched and all the more memorable.
So, whatever the reason be, dressing up for travel surely does no harm. Keep your comfort level high, and your style delectable delicious.
While indulging in some online shopping for travel wear, I managed to get clarity as to how I would like to travel. Take a look and tell me what you think of it.

Denim Dazzler
Spring, summer, hail or storm, denim is the king of all seasons. Whatever your mood be and whatever your groove be like, an overdose of denim can never hurt or harm. You can maybe substitute your heavy-weight denim jeans with an easy pair of jeggings for seamless movement. Wear an oversized boyfriend-kind denim shirt along, put on a comfortable pair of sneakers or androgynous shoes, and you are good to go. You can also choose to keep the denim shirt front open with a crop top or a bralette worn inside, depending upon how safe your go-to place is. A tan tote bag should suffice to keep your essentials in place and seal the deal to the look. 

Image Courtesy:

Shrug Bug
When all fails, shrug it with a pinch of salt. Literally and metaphorically. Pick any well-fitted outfit, and layer it on with a nice shrug. It could be a bohemian printed tasseled shrug, or a solid pastel-hued knit shrug, depending upon the need of the hour. 

Image Courtesy : justthedesign

Flared Pants
Culottes or full length flared pants, printed or solid, flared pants are super cool to pull off. And they are comfortable as hell. Just make sure your overall ensemble looks harmonious and you will be rocking this season’s hot trend like a boss.

Image Courtesy: dresslikeaparisian

Another hot trend of the season, overalls are super cute, super fun, and super easy to carry. The also flatter most body types so long as you have the zing factor rolling. Wear them with a shirt or a crop top. Layer them with a shrug, and you are good to ace the industrial worker style like a boss. 

 Image Courtesy: seventeen

Fusion delusion
Feeling the blues? Feel the fusion kick on. Wear easy pants, with a long kurta, and you are ready to take on the desi swag with an unmatched appeal. Floral, colorful, subdued, anything works. Up the style ante by donning some stellar accessories. What’s more? You can get away by making a messy hairdo with this ensemble. Quite a statement worthy look.

 Image Courtesy: pinterest

That’s what is working for me. But nothing is more important than the travel vibe and the agenda on your mind. So, travel free of inhibitions and the fear of making a wrong statement, because everything that you do with the right story in mind shall always work for your trippy shenanigans.

Here's all for today,see you soon with new blog,till then take care XOXO.

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