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Workout : Burst Training.

Burst Training.
I’m not certified trainer, just a workout enthusiast. I would love to share my workout routine with each one of you, as it has helped me a lot to lose weight and strengthen my core.

What is Burst Training..??

Simply put up as Quality over Quantity.
Let me elaborate a bit, while in process of losing weight we tend to run, cycle or exercise more, in terms of time. Working out for hours might help you lose calories for that moment but not for NEXT 24 hours . This is what we need to change, working out to the core with high intensity for 20 minutes will burn those calories for rest of your day. That is burst training.
Smart way to use time,as everyone is so busy with their day to day routine.

Let’s start with warm-up; as it will warm your muscles cause of which there would be less or no chances of injury.

·        Start a slow walk at 4kmph for 5 minutes.
·        Speed up at 8kmph for 3 minutes.
·        Sprint at 11-12kmph for a minute.
·        Slow down at 4kmph for a minute.

Repeat this set twice. (10 plus 10 sum up to total 20 minutes)

You can follow this routine without treadmill by 5 min of slow walk and 2 min of fast walk.

Slow pace cycle for 40 seconds and 20 seconds fast.
Follow this throughout for 15 minutes, without rest.

Relax with breathing exercises and stretching.

Follow up by my DETOX WATER.

P.S : No more excuses,everyone can take out 20 min from their busy schedule.

Stay Fit – Stay Blessed.


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